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LeadHers—lead by Valérie Chartier (Taminator alias Lady Maddripp)—is a branch of the non-profit organization Montreal Krump Alliance


Valérie Taminator Chartier is a Canadian pioneer of Krump, one of the first female Krumpers in the country. She has more than thirty years of experience in dance and four years in fitness.

Throughout Taminator’s journey, she has noted that women are a minority in Krump. She started to analyze the possible reasons for this situation, recognizing that fear, prejudice, and false self-perception have prevented women from becoming more involved in Krump, as well as misconceptions about the dance itself. She decided to create an approach to the dance and its teaching for girls and women, targeting both the physical and mental struggles they might face in learning, staying consistent, and in having and holding onto their self-confidence. The LeadHers approach can be used to address different aspects of the dance and in different environments where girls and women evolve, bringing females the tools they need to excel and creating positive repercussions on many levels.

Visit the website by clicking here.

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