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GUTTA ZONE is the first and biggest Krump event in Canada. It was created by Vladimir ''7Starr'' Laurore & Otis ''Pez'' Hopson in 2009. The primary objective of GUTTA ZONE is to be a platform allowing elite Krumpers to showcase their talent through battles and showcases. Since its creation, GUTTA ZONE has attracted many dancers from all over the world. In 2017, 7Starr partnered up with German Krumper Kwame ''Wave'' Osei (Creator of EBS) to make GUTTA ZONE a qualifier for the European Buck Session in Germany. In 2018, for the first time ever, a GUTTA ZONE pre-selection tournament will be held outside of Canada in Dallas, Texas. It is slowly gaining notoriety on an international scale.

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THE CLASH is a dance event created in 2014 by Taminator aka Lady Maddripp. First of his kind, the event has the goal to gather Krumpers and all kind dancers in one place and compete/exchange between each other. Krump is still new in the dance world, therefore THE CLASH aims to give Krump more visibility and help it demystification. Such an event is a culture shock as well as a great initiative to stimulate the unification of all the styles.

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